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Datamax A class Mark II

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    The Datamax-O”Neil A-Class Mark II is a superior print engine used in high demand print and apply applications offering the highest level of performance and reliability. Known in the industry for its unique stainless steel cover, the Datamax-O”Neil A-Class is ideal for the specialized needs of harsh or corrosive environments. The state of the art modular design offers easy on-demand serviceability that significantly reduces down time of the demanding multi-shift mission critical applications. The industry standard mounting and intuitive menu navigation makes the Datamax-O”Neil A-Class the print engine of choice for automated print and apply applications.

    When the demands of your high performance print and apply application require more features than existing print engines offer, it’s time to move up to the Datamax-O”Neil A-Class™ Mark II.

    The Datamax-O”Neil A-Class Mark II family of advanced print engines is designed for high-demand multi-shift applications requiring fast throughput and proven reliability. It includes a number of innovative design features such as stainless steel hardware components, a modular design for enhanced serviceability, coated side in/coated side out thermal transfer ribbon assembly, a full graphics display, intuitive menu navigation, and an optional remote display.

    Designed for print and apply applicator integration, the Datamax-O”Neil A-Class Mark II utilizes the industry recognized Datamax-O’Neil firmware architecture with maximum connectivity options for industry standard communications interfaces.

    The Datamax-O”Neil A-Class Mark II with RFID option allows users to encode smart labels at the point of print, where most experts agree that encoding should take place to avoid any chance of mismatch between printed and encoded information. The RFID option currently accommodates EPCglobal Class 1/Gen 2 tags with either 64 or 96 bits of memory.

    The Datamax-O”Neil A-Class Mark II is available in either 4” or 6” widths and is the only print engine to offer 203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi resolution in either right-hand or left-hand models.

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